Edward’s Past

Assignment (3 stars)

This was one of my original assignments, and is one of the assignments that I plan to incorporate into my final project. For this assignment, I had to provide a more detailed look at my character’s past.

Edward Creeper was born on the 13th of October, in 1978 (Friday the 13th, if anyone is wondering). Edward grew up in backwoods of Kentucky with a very interesting set of parents. Mr. Freddy Creeper and Mrs. Samara Creeper were what you would call “hermits”. Never venturing off their property except for when food or suppliers were needed, they both spent most of their time outdoors working on whatever they could find that needed attention. Edward didn’t get out much either, and spent most of his childhood wondering what really was out there beyond the gates. Mrs. Creeper tried the best she could to give Edward an education, but she wasn’t much of a teacher herself. By the time Edward was a teenager, he knew how to read and write, but that was about it. However, Edward knew that he did not want to spend the rest of his life being like his parents. So, he set out in his mind that he would make a change one day very soon.  That day was April 19th, 1997.

Edward had went to the nearest town with Mr. Creeper a few days prior to buy some groceries. While Mr. Creeper was browsing one of the aisles, Edward met a man named Wright Arden. Mr. Arden introduced himself as the owner of the local radio station a few towns over. A radio was one of the only working electronics in the Creeper household, so Edward knew who the man was before he even introduced himself. Edward had had a revelation not too long ago that he wanted to work for a radio station that would allow him to meet and greet guests, something that his hermit lifestyle up to that point had not allowed him to do. Edward did what anyone would do in that situation, and asked Mr. Arden for a job. Of course, at that time, Edward was uneducated and had never held a job in his life, so there weren’t too many reasons to trust him with any type of job. However, Mr. Arden told him to stop by the station one day, and they would figure something out. Edward knew at that point in time that his life was finally going to turn around.

Fast forward 15 years, and Edward moved from an intern, to nighttime DJ, to daytime talk show host, to having his own show. The Edward Creeper Show allowed Edward to meet more people every day than he thought even existed as a child. He also learned to love the horror genre, and developed his whole show around it. Edward still lives in his old childhood home, although both his parents are long gone. He enjoys the solitude and peace while he is there, but he is always ready to go back to the place he loves.

Lunch with Victor Barethean

Assignment (4 stars)

This week, I met up with Victor Barethean for a nice lunch. I had never met Victor before, but I had heard of him during my time hosting the Edward Creeper Show. Victor seemed like a casual, laid-back individual when we first met at the local diner. After some short introductions, we began to look over the menu. I settled on a classic cheeseburger and fries, while he order a crab cake platter.

The food didn’t take too long to arrive, but we were both already starving before we even got there. I took a moment to savor the scene when the food first arrived. My cheeseburger looked very well prepared, and was topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise, all served on a warm sesame seed bun. Victor’s crab cake platter looked just as good. It had two large crab cakes, along with some pieces of lettuce and tomato on the side. He also had some tarter sauce for dipping. There wasn’t any bread, but I’m sure he could of asked for some if he wanted it. Both of our meals with served with hot, crinkle cut fries, with ketchup for dipping.

We quickly dove in to our meals, not saying much in the process. My cheeseburger was cooked very well, and had a juicy (but not soggy) finish to it. Everything on it was proportional, so every bite had all of the ingredients in it. I didn’t taste Victor’s crab cakes, but he told me it had the perfect amount of crab meat and seasoning. We both commented that the fries were a bit undercooked, but they weren’t bad enough to be sent back.

I had debated on whether to order some apple pie after my meal, but we were both stuffed after finishing everything. After a few more minutes, we both were ready to depart. This was definitely one of the better meals I have had recently, and I’m glad I got to share the experience with someone else.

For this assignment, I used my host character Edward Creeper, along with the Victor Barethean character of James Rives. It has been a bit challenging this week to find assignments that we could incorporate two characters in, so I was glad to find this assignment. It was also interesting to think about the kind of food that you eat in these situations, and to describe it in great detail.


A Dinner with the Red Reaper

Assignment (3 stars)

After cooking all afternoon, the Red Reaper finally arrived at my house a little after 6:00 PM. This was only the day after we had finished recording our segments for the Edward Creeper Show, so we were both still a bit worn out. However, I thought it would be nice to sit down and learn more a little bit more about this mysterious character.

We began with a chopped salad, followed by a heaping serving of mashed potatoes and my famous homemade chicken florentine. I wasn’t quite sure at first what I should fix, since our only prior communication had been on set. But, he ate it all, so either it was indeed a good meal, or he did a good job faking it. Anyways, we talked a lot about my show, and how I ended up as the host (that is a story for another day, however). We discussed more in depth some of the horror movies he previously reviewed, but he still didn’t seem too impressed with any of them. I even tried to show him a few scenes from my favorite movie (A Nightmare on Elm Street), but I could not convince him. But, everyone has their own opinions and views, so I respect that.

We finished the night with a slice of apple pie and some vanilla ice cream, and talked about what the future held for us. As you may have heard previously on my show, the Red Reaper has a film coming out very soon that he seemed considerably excited about.  I certainly hope that I can make one of the showings for it, as I am very interested to see what kind of horror style he works best with. As for me, I spend most of my time finding topics for my show, and interviewing characters such as the one I was sitting across from.

After finishing our desert, the Red Reaper headed back out in the world. It certainly was an interesting evening, and I am glad that the Edward Creeper Show allowed me to befriend such a unique character. Who knows who I will meet next?

I chose this assignment, because it seemed like a fun way to incorporate two different characters from ds106. Also, we had just finished our radio show last week (which included the Red Reaper), so I thought it would be interesting to see how these characters would interact outside of the set.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!


For this assignment, I chose to watch an episode of Scrubs. If you haven’t heard of it, Scrubs is a hospital-based ‘dramedy’ that stars Zach Braff and Sarah Chalke. I’ve seen all of the episodes multiple times, so I just chose a random (and very sad) one, “My Lunch” (S5, E20).

Since Scrubs is based in a hospital, there are a lot of extras in most scenes, however you might not even notice them if you aren’t paying close attention. The extras in this episode are playing either the part of the medical staff (doctor, nurse, administrative), or of patients. The medical staff are wearing what you would expect in real life, so there are lots of white coats and scrubs. The patients are mostly wearing hospital gowns. There is a scene in this episode that takes place in a market/grocery store, and the extras in this scene are wearing typical dress apparel appropriate for this setting.

As mentioned earlier, there are a lot of extras in this show, as the hospital (Sacred Heart) is always very busy. To make the show as realistic as possible, the extras range in age from very young to very old. For the most part, the extras did not talk, but there were a few instances where you could hear a patient or nurse speak in the background of a scene. The extras are mostly just to make the hospital feel more “alive”, but it is very easy to tune them out if you are only interested in what the main characters have to say.

I think this assignment can be connected somewhat to one of the readings this week, ‘The Lottery’. Just like the episode I talked about above has many extras in all of their scenes, The Lottery also has a village full of people, yet there are only a select few that the reader is able to engage with. However, if we could engage with everyone in the village, it would make the place seem smaller and less alive, so a group of people that is nameless only adds to the story to create a sense of fullness.

Bucket List


I’ve never really had a bucket list for my life, but this assignment has challenged me to do just that.

The first thing on my list would be to visit all 50 states at least once. I have always loved traveling and seeing new things, but have only had the chance to visit states on the east coast. Hopefully one day, I will be able to say that I have traveled to every state in the country, and spend some time exploring each one. Whether I got to these places by car, bus, or train, it doesn’t really matter, but this would definitely be at the top of my list.

Another thing on my bucket list would be to behind the wheel of a supercar, whether it be a Ferrari, Lamborghini, or any other type. Even better would be to own of these cars, but that may be prove to be a bit difficult. I have always had a fascination with cars, so this is something that I have]dreamed about for a long time.

A third thing on my list would be travel to Australia. Similar to my first point, Australia has always been at the top of my dream places to visit abroad. Looking at pictures of Sydney has always made me want to try and visit at some point in my life. I would also like to see all the wildlife they have that is always being talked about.

Another thing on my list would be to go skydiving. I have actually always been somewhat weary of heights, so I’m not sure if this bucket list item would be very feasible, but it is still something I would like to try at some point in my life. This is something that is pretty common where I am from (big, open spaces to land), so it would not be that hard to line up, but it would be more difficult to convince myself to actually go through with it when the day came.

A final thing on my bucket list would be to play tennis with a pro. Even though I have only played tennis for the past 5 years, I would love to play, and learn from, a pro in the sport.

Welcome to Paradise!


My dream location would involve somewhere on a beach, and preferably an island. Mainly, it would be a place where I could totally get away from all the distractions of daily life. Here are some images of what I think that place would look like:

I would bring my family and close friends along, and, in a perfect world, we would never have to leave! I would try to leave as much behind as possible, but would of course bring enough essentials that I could actually survive in this paradise.

I Like to Move it Move it


I was a freshman at UMW in the fall of 2013. I did not know a single person here, so I had chosen to room with a random roommate. I was very anxious over the summer to learn who that person would be, and where we would end up living. Mid-summer, I found out who I was living with, and that we would be in the Bushnell dorm.

Come move in day, we had two cars packed full of my stuff, heading to campus. My favorite part of that day was getting settled into my room, and try to create a new home away from home. My least favorite part was attempting to carry a mini-fridge up three flights of stairs (we eventually had to find someone stronger to move it in). It was very hard saying goodbye, as this was the first time I would be on my own for a considerable amount of time, but after a few days, and new friendships, the homesickness began to fade away.

Overall, move-in day, and all of freshman year, was a unique and enjoyable experience that I am glad I was involved with.