Bucket List Tutorial


This assignment asks you to put together a bucket list collage with at least four different pictures. It is worth 3 1/2 stars (as of time of writing) and is an easy and fun assignment, so I would definitely recommend this one.

To get you started, you will first need to think of at least four different items that are on your bucket list, that you could easily convey with a picture. When I completed this assignment, I talked about skydiving, playing tennis with a pro, going to Australia, and driving a supercar. Once you’ve figured out which items you want to include on your list, it’s time to find the pictures that correlate with your ideas. For my assignment, I went on Google and was easily able to find pictures for each, so this will most likely work for you as well. If you have your own pictures to use instead, even better! Either way, make sure you download the pictures to your desktop so that they will be saved (right click on the picture and ‘save to desktop’).

Next up, is the collage portion of the assignment. I highly recommend you use as your collage maker. You’ll start with a layout like this:


Each of the nine boxes correlates with a picture. However, you most likely won’t be upload nine different pictures. So, if you wanted to only use four pictures, then you would click on ‘templates’ on the left side of the screen, and scroll down to ‘grid.’

Then, choose which template you want to use. The third row from the top, and on the right is the template that I used to show four different pictures. After you pick your template, each square that you click on will show the option to ‘add photo’.

Simply click ‘add photo’, where it will prompt you to upload an image from your desktop. So, you will just need to find the photos that you saved earlier, and then upload them to the collage. If you don’t like one of the images, or you put it in the wrong order, the ‘trashcan’ icon will delete the picture for you. Once you have all of the images that you want, click on the ‘save’ button on the top of the page, and click ‘computer’ in the drop down menu. This will save the collage to your desktop.

After the collage has been saved, you will just need to upload it to an image hosting service. The assignment calls for it to be uploaded to Flikr, so that is an option. Instead, I just uploaded the image directly to WordPress. However, don’t forget that you need to write something about each image, and why it is on your bucket list AND explain how you went about the process of creating your collage.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Make my Day

Assignment (3.5 stars)

I am a very busy man, but some days it is nice to think of how a perfect day for me would go.

I would wake up in the morning, and have a nice breakfast.

I would then get ready to head to my studio where we produce the Edward Creeper Show. You may think that it is strange that I would want to go to work on my perfect day, but it is less of a job for me, and more of an opportunity to meet new and exciting characters. Here is basically what our set looks like.

During my day on set, I would love to meet as many new people as possible. Luckily, I have met many of these characters recently, including the Red Reaper.

After leaving from work, I would like to have a nice, big dinner somewhere in town. As I talked about in a previous post, one of my favorite spots is the local diner, where I recently met Victor Barethean.

Finally, after a long day, I would head back to my house, and relax a bit before heading to bed.

For this assignment, I planned out what would be a perfect day for my character Edward Creeper, and then found images that corresponded with them. I included two other characters from ds106 to make it collaborative.

A-Z Photo Collage


For this assignment, we had to pick a specific subject area, and then create a photo collage for something that starts with each letter of the alphabet. I chose to focus on city skylines in the United States. The cities included (left to right, top to bottom) were:

  • Albuquerque,NM
  • Boston, MA
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Denver, CO
  • El Paso, TX
  • Fredericksburg, VA
  • Galveston, TX
  • Honolulu, HI
  • Indianapolis, IN
  • Jacksonsvilla, FL
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Los Angelos, CA
  • Memphis, TN
  • New York City, NY
  • Orlando, FL
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Queens, NY
  • Richmond, VA
  • St. Louis, MO
  • Tallahassee, FL
  • Utica, NY
  • Vienna, VA
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Xenia, OH
  • York, PA
  • Zion, IL

BeFunky Collage

You’re doing it wrong!


For this assignment, we had to find a picture of someone doing something wrong. I searched on google for a while until I found a good image that I thought represented this assignment: an suv in the water along with the boat they were attempting to launch.

bad day

Collage of my Pet


For this assignment, we had to create a collage of our pet. I used Be Funky to create the collage, and gathered all of these images from off my phone. My dog is named Spencer, and he is a dachshund. He is almost 11 years old, and he is one of the things I miss the most when I am away at college. As you can in the picture toward the bottom right, he had to have a cone on his head for around a month, after he had a toe amputated because of cancer. Luckily, he is all better now (sans one toe), and I can’t wait to see him again in a few weeks!

BeFunky Collage

Bucket List Photography Assignment


For this assignment, we had to find four pictures that describe what would be on our bucket list. I used the Be Funky website to make the collage, and found the pictures off of the internet. I previously did a writing assignment for my bucket list (linked here), so these are the same ideas, but now they are in image form.

The first image is of a Lamborghini, and reflects that I would like to drive (or own!) a supercar at some point in my life. There are plenty of different kinds to choose from, but this one is fairly recognizable among most people.

The second image is of Sydney, Australia. I have always wanted to visit Australia, and Sydney would be at the top of my list of places to see. Not only does it appear to be a beautiful place full of culture, but I would love to see the Sydney Opera House in person.

The third image is of skydiving. As I said in my previous post, I am a bit weary of heights, but this is still something that I would like to accomplish at some point in my life.

The fourth image reflects that I play tennis myself, and would one day like to play with a pro. At the very least, I would be able to learn from them, and I would love to see them play in person.

BeFunky Collage