This Doesn’t Belong Here – Lion King and E.T.

Assignment (3.5 stars)

For this assignment, we had to mash up two iconic movie scenes. I chose to mash up a scene from the Lion King. and a scene from E.T. I chose these two scenes because I felt like they had some similarities, as both have an upward looking perspective.

To complete this assignment, I found the two images on Google that I used for the mash up. I then downloaded each of them into Photoshop. First, I had to cut out the Lion King’s image using the magnetic wand tool. This took me quite a while, as I had never attempted something like this before. I finally got it cut out the best I could, and then I copied the image onto the image of E.T. I had to make sure the background of the Lion King was transparent so that it would blend in with the other image. After these two images were combined, I uploaded the finished file to WordPress.