Assignment (4 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find different adjectives or items that describe ourselves, and then fit them into an acronym of your name. To complete this assignment, I first thought up of five different words that could represent each letter of my name. I then found different pictures on Google that could describe those words, and combined them in Photoshop. Finally, I saved the image, and uploaded it to WordPress.


The first item that I thought described myself was ‘sunny’, which corresponds with the sunny beach picture. I picked this word because I am someone who likes sunny weather, and all of the activities that it can bring, such as being outside and going to the beach. I thought that the image I picked accurately represents what someone would think of when they hear the word sunny, and is something they could relate to.

The background image of this post is what I picked to describe ‘calm’. I have always been a fairly calm person, as I tend to kept any excitement or disappointment under control, and will usually try not go get worked up over something. I think that the picture I used describes this word and description very well.

The next item that I thought described myself was ‘outgoing”, which corresponds with the group of men hiking. Even though I described myself as calm above, I also like to be outgoing at times, and like to participate in activities such as sports and hiking. As I talked about above, any time the sun is out, I like to be doing something outside, and hiking is one of those things that is on the top of my list.

The fourth item that I chose was ‘team-player’, and corresponds with the team picture in the lower lefthand corner. I picked this word because I like to think of myself as someone who can get along with others, and can help others if they are in need. Furthermore, I am used to being on a team from my years playing baseball and tennis, and like the community atmosphere that those opportunities can bring.

The final item that I chose was ‘tennis’, which corresponds with the tennis ball and racket. I played tennis all throughout high school, and have played occasionally in college, so this is one of my passions. Even though I am not a very competitive player, I still enjoy playing around with friends, and learning more about the sport. It is also one of the more calming sports that you can play.

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