Week 7 in ds106 was all about our radio show. I was a bit worried about this at first, as I was not sure what I wanted to do, or who I could be in a group with. However, I found three other classmates (Ellen, Felicia, and Gussie) and we started to develop ideas for the Edward Creeper Show. This weekend we will be hard at work making content for the show, so that our finished product hopefully is interesting and exciting to listen to.

This week I posted a progress update for our show, and designed a promo logo/poster. I also did 10 stars worth of audio assignments, including Roller Coaster Freaks, a Reverse Audio Quiz, and Music Mashup. Finally, I commented on 10 different posts from this week, which I included in this blog post.

I look forward to what our completed radio show will sound like next week!

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