This week was all about design, so I spent many hours in the ITCC trying to learn how to use Photoshop. I had some challenges with some of the concepts this week early on, but it all turned out fine.

This week, I reflected on the Vignelli Canon, and how some of the elements discussed in the booklet still effect design today. I did the Love at First Shot assignment, where I talked about my grandparents and how they met. I also did a DesignBlitz, where I showed how four different pictures related to a specific design concept.

I completed three daily creates this week, which I linked to in this blog post. I did 12 stars worth of design assignments, including Vintage-ify a Place, Who am I?, Dog it Out, and creating a motivational poster.

Finally, I watched the movie Black Sabbath on Netflix, and discussed how different types of design affected the story.

All in all, a fun and challenging week which allowed me to become more acquainted with design editors such as Photoshop.

4 comments on “Week 6 Summary

  1. HeadReaper

    Hey, do you want to do the radio show together? I also asked jamesrive from Jim Jams Adventure because I like a lot of his stuff :) No hurt feelings if you say no! -Gussie

    1. Scott Post author

      Hey Gussie, sure that would be fine with me!

  2. HeadReaper

    Sounds good :) jamesrive said that a friend had already asked him to be in his group so depending on the friend’s group we will either merge or look for more people or just have it be us. Do you have my number? I’m trying to think of a way to give it to you without it just lying around on the internet, I wish there was a PM addition to wordpress

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