This week was all about audio, which was interesting and a bit challenging for me as I have never experimented much with audio creation devices, such as Audacity and SoundCloud.

This week I brainstormed some ideas for our future Radio Show, and created a Radio Bumper. I also participated in a live tweet-along of Ds106 radio, which can be found on my Twitter page.

I completed three daily creates, which I posted into this blog entry. I also completed 10 stars worth of audio assignments, including creating spooky sounds, symbolizing a certain emotion (sadness) through sounds, and telling a story using only sound effects.

This week there were several reading and listening assignments that we had to complete. These included an analysis from Tales of The Crypt: Last Laugh, an analysis of Moon Graffiti, and reflections of audio storytelling (including our reflections of Ds106 radio).

This was a very busy week for me, but was, as usual, very interesting and informative.

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