This final week of ds106 was focused on completing our final project. My final project, titled All About Edward, can be found here. We had to use at least four different types of media for our final project, and I ended up using video, audio, writing, and design. Some of the assignments that I incorporated had already been created earlier in the course, while some were created specifically for this project. Additionally, all of the audio of Edward talking was created this last week, using Audacity and then uploading it to Soundcloud.

It was a little challenging at first to know what all to write about and what kind of media to create, but once I got started, it all came to me a lot easier. I really enjoyed creating the project, and looking back through my work to see what I could incorporate into it. It was a lot of fun, and I believe that I have learned a lot about the different types of media that we have experimented with. I also really liked the idea behind my host character Edward Creeper, and had a lot of fun creating a background story for him.

Along with the final project, I completed the final showcase for ds106, found here. I also commented on all of the final project posts up to this point, and will continue to do so for the rest of the week.

I’m definitely relieved now that everything has been completed andĀ turned in, but looking back, I am glad that I got to experience this course and I definitely feelĀ a sense of accomplishment. Good luck to everyone else with their projects, and I can’t wait to see the rest!

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