For our video essay this week, I decided to look at a scene in the Bride of Frankenstein. This is a movie that I had watched for a separate DS106 assignment several weeks ago.


The scene that I reviewed is when Frankenstein first meets the bride, and her eventual rejection of him. The original scene in its entirety can be found here.

To complete this assignment, I first took a look back at the movies we had already watched in DS106. After I chose this movie, I looked on YouTube for a good clip that I could make a video essay on. After I found the above clip, I used a Youtube converter to open it in iMovie. Then, I edited the clip, and added my voice over top of it. After all of that was done, I saved it and uploaded it to WordPress.

5 comments on “Video Essay- Bride of Frankenstein

  1. melissa miranda

    It is a pretty good idea on how to do a video analysis required this week. One of the few thing I am taking back with me this semester is that black and white movies are not boring, They have something that is lacking in this new movies. I think that the acting in the old movies is by far better than it is now with all the special effect.

  2. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    I also watched this movie a few weeks back. I thought that this particular movie showed examples of a lot of key points that we have discussed in class.

  3. Ashley Jackson

    I was thinking of also doing this movie for the video essay. Great idea to focus on this scene and the angles of the camera.

  4. Nora Forknall

    This was a very good analysis of the clip, and I like how you still had moments where we could here the music and sound effects from the actual clip. Great job!

  5. Mike

    It was also interesting how they gave Frankenstein the illusion of height with those upward shots. Did you notice he never actually steps all the way of the steps onto the same level as the others until she has been seated and the men have hunched over. He must not have been that tall.

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