Assignment (5 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find an athlete that we like and make a highlight reel of them, along with adding music and an intro. The following video is of Tyrod Taylor, who was a Virginia Tech quarterback, before being drafted to play for the Baltimore Ravens. He did not see much playing time there however, and is now with the Buffalo Bills. The video is set to Enter Sandman by Metallica, which is the song that is played during Virginia Tech games.


To complete this assignment, I first found the clips I wanted to use on YouTube. I then used a Youtube-to-Mp4 converter so that I could open the clips in iMovie. I then found the song and went through the same process. Once in iMovie, I edited the clips together, added the introduction, and edited the music to fit with the clips. I then saved everything, and began the process of uploading it to WordPress. This took over an hour to do, and I was a bit worried it would not work, but eventually everything came together.

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  1. Gabby Christie

    I like the song choice and the editing for the clips really flowed well! Good Job!

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