This week, our group got together to talk about our radio show that we will be producing for ds106. It was a little difficult, as there are many things that we have to incorporate, and we had to try to narrow down our ideas so that we could begin work over the break. After some discussion, we decided to produce a show that focuses on reviewing horror movies, with a ‘good, bad, and ugly’ analysis of each movie. We had to incorporate our characters into this as well, so my character (Edward Creeper) will be the radio host, while the other group members will be the movie critics.

So far, our main form of communication has been a Google Doc, where we have compiled all of our thoughts and ideas. Over the break, we will each have to work on writing and recording lines for our characters, so that they can be uploaded and combined into Audacity for the final product. Beyond the movie reviews, we also have to create bumpers that announce both ds106 radio, and our specific show name. Finally, we have to work on 3 commercials that will help break up our show some. All of these concepts together should allow our show to run for anywhere from 20-30 minutes.

We will be recording our lines on our laptops, before sending it to a group member who will import all of the files into Audacity. If all goes well, we will be done with the show by the middle of next week. At this point, our progress has been good and I believe that our idea will provide for an effective and fun radio show. It should be informative enough that people will want to listen, and should have entertainment value as well. All in all, I am pleased with our progress thus far, and am excited to see what our finished product will sound like!

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  1. HeadReaper

    Nice summary, you covered everything really well. This sounds strange but I really like your writing style, its very clear while still maintaining personality. :)

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