Assignment (3 stars)

For this assignment, we had to take a clip from a film and edit the audio in some way. I chose to edit a scene from the Dark Knight, as this is Edward Creeper’s favorite movie of all time. This scene is pretty classic, so I would assume most people have at least some recollection of what is going on. It is interesting to hear how everything sounds so much more different now, and how less threatening the Joker comes across.

To complete this assignment, I first found the clip I wanted to edit from YouTube (found here). I then used Nora’s tutorial to help guide me through the process of editing. I opened the clip in Audacity after downloading it using a YouTube converter, and used it to change the pitch of the voices (I set it to 50%). I then saved the the clip as mp3 onto my desktop. I opened the original clip in iMovie, and turned off the sound. I then added the new audio file into iMovie, and overlaid it on top of the clips so it would flow together. I then saved everything, and began the process of uploading it to YouTube.

5 comments on “The Dark Knight Chipmunk Style

  1. Nora Forknall

    This is really quite funny for the context of this video. The chipmunk voices are very clear in this clip, I think mostly because there is not any background music. Great work, and you used my tutorial, yay!!

  2. HeadReaper

    Hahaha this is so funny! XD
    The voices are surprisingly clear, you picked a really good clip to use!

  3. Aaron Dyke

    The voice difference in the original scene is so harsh which made it really cool but with the higher pitched voices its even funnier. The rough batman voice sounds like a silly whisper now.

  4. Emorelleum

    The pitch change makes for very nice contrast in scene v. audience. The joker laughing near the end is priceless when raised even further in pitch.

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