For this assignment, I picked the first page (133) of Last Laugh from Tales of the Crypt to give an audio analysis on. I believe that the writing makes it fairly easy to imagine how sounds would effect the story. For example, there are clear signs given off to portray that emphasis should be used (such as bolding a word) in the dialog. There are also specific descriptions for each scene, which further helps the reader imagine what sounds would be used.

In the first image (shown below), sound would convey that the man in the doctors office is clearly suffering from an intense pain, and that the doctor is concerned for his wellbeing. As I mentioned above, some words are bolded to show where the emphasis would be placed, along with the proper punctuation (exclamation marks). Outside of the dialog from the two characters, I believe that the first image would have sounds such as the door opening and closing when the doctor arrives, and other ambient noises in the background. If there was any kind of music, it would probably be a soft and slow tune to express a somber mood.


In the second image, the audio would portray a sense of urgency, as the patient is obviously still in pain as he wants to feel relief as soon as possible. I would imagine that we would hear the man in pain groan or grunt a lot, as he tries his best to walk from room to room. Once again, the visual elements lead me to this conclusion, as there are many exclamation marks in this scene. Some of the audio from this image would include the doctor taking off his overcoat and his hat, and the two of them walking from the waiting room into the hallway.


In the third image, the audio would include the doctor and patient traveling from the hallway and into the doctor’s examination room, and the doctor rolling up his sleeves. Once again, some words are bolded to show emphasis.

IMG_3095 In conclusion, it is pretty easy to see that audio definitely can help bring stories to life, and is an important part of the storytelling process. However, some stories, such as Last Laugh, are written in a way that it is easy for the reader to portray what the audio would sound like, even though there isn’t any.

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  1. Paul

    Good analysis. One of the things I was wondering about was how to make the room sound like a doctor’s office, but I suppose the dialogue would convey that information. It’s those little sounds – the door opening and closing, the footsteps – that would bring it to life and show what was happening, as you point out. All in the details…

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