Assignment (3 stars)

You may be surprised to learn that when Edward Creeper is not busy hosting his show, he enjoys spending time at the beach catching the waves. The follow short video is a compilation of different surfers showing off their skills


To complete this assignment, I first found several different surfing videos on YouTube, and used a Youtube converter to download them into iMovie. I then found a song that sounded ‘beachy’ and also imported it into iMovie. Then, I edited all of the clips and music together to make the finished product, before beginning the process of uploading it to WordPress.

3 comments on “Surfing Compilation

  1. Felicia Liu

    Excellent video! I really like the music you pick for the video too.

  2. Brittany Raze

    Cool surfing videos. I wouldn’t think that Edward liked surfing but it totally seems like a cool hobby. I liked the music you used too.

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