Assignment (4 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find different sound effects and voices to help recreate what a roller coaster sounds like. My character Edward is an adventurer, and always like to try new things, regardless of how scary they may be. You will hear him in this recording, as he is the male voice that lets out a shrill scream. No one said he was manly!

To complete this assignment, I first found several different sound effects and voices from, and uploaded them into Audacity. I then edited them to make the final product, and uploaded it to SoundCloud.

I thought that this assignment was effective because the noises that I added, on top of the roller coaster in the background, help make it feel like you are really there and listening to these sounds in person. It also really makes me want to ride this roller coaster!

5 comments on “Roller Coaster Freaks

  1. Ashley Jackson

    The sound effects work really well and even made me feel like I was on a very rickety ride. Love the screams at the end!

  2. melissa miranda

    I like your audio. I am not big fan of roller coaster I hate them and I avoid them as much as I can. However, your editing and choice of sound are pretty good.

  3. melissa miranda

    I like your choice of sounds and the editing that you did is pretty good. It is pretty similar to what I have heard when I ride a roller coaster.

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