For the radio show that we will be doing later this semester, I have a few ideas of possible topics or themes that we could possibly incorporate. The first idea, keeping with the theme of the course, is having a session dedicated to solely scary stories and tall tales that are featured and easily found on the internet. There would be audio playing from these scary stories or movies throughout the night, and the hosts would interject every so often to tell their own scary story that they found, or made up. We could also feature scary/creepy music throughout the show.

Another idea is to feature only scary stories and tales that have been posted so far in ds106. This would allow people to have their own creations more prominently “displayed”, so hopefully more people would hear/read them. We could also incorporate some of the characters that we have made in ds106 to help tell the stories. In other words, in this scenario, we are using only student-created or found material for our show. However, I believe either scenario would make for an interesting listening, and would fit with the overall theme of ds106.

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  1. kathi

    Along with this we could use each others characters to add to story or create another.

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