Assignment (3.5 stars)

For this assignment, I chose to mashup the songs Africa by Toto, and Calm Before the Storm by Darude. I chose these two songs because Calm Before the Storm is a techno song with only a few lyrics, very much unlike Africa. I thought that these two songs would make for an interesting¬†collaboration, and my character Edward Creeper is a sucker for good music, so he was a big fan of this assignment. I had to turn down the audio somewhat in Calm Before the Storm so that the lyrics in Africa could be heard, but overall, I think this assignment went pretty well, even if the finished product doesn’t sound all that listenable.


To complete this assignment, I first downloaded these two songs into Audacity using a YouTube to MP3 converter. I then edited the songs’ lengths to make them match up, and tweaked the volume of each song. I assumed that SoundCloud would take this collaboration¬†down for copyright issues, so I just uploaded it directly to WordPress. This was an interesting assignment, and was cool to hear how these songs work together.

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