After listening to Moon Graffiti, I almost felt like I was on the moon with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. There are so many distinct sounds in this story that really made it come to life. For example, when the shuttle crashed on the moon, there were very convincing sounds played that made it seem like it really happened in front of you. Further, when Armstrong and Aldrin are beginning to realize that they will not be saved, it is somber to listen to as they say their goodbyes and make peace with what is about to happen. Those sounds and dialog are what created the somber atmosphere that made the story even more believable. There were also numerous sound effects and nosies played that added to the realism of the scene, such as radioing the bases back on earth, and putting on oxygen masks. The voices of the two men were also clear and helped guide along the story. As a side note, I thought it was interesting that the speech Nixon was reading was a real speech prepared for him just in case something like this actually happened. All in all, a very cool story, and an example of great audio storytelling.

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