Assignment (4 stars)

This week, I met up with Victor Barethean for a nice lunch. I had never met Victor before, but I had heard of him during my time hosting the Edward Creeper Show. Victor seemed like a casual, laid-back individual when we first met at the local diner. After some short introductions, we began to look over the menu. I settled on a classic cheeseburger and fries, while he order a crab cake platter.

The food didn’t take too long to arrive, but we were both already starving before we even got there. I took a moment to savor the scene when the food first arrived. My cheeseburger looked very well prepared, and was topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheddar cheese, and mayonnaise, all served on a warm sesame seed bun. Victor’s crab cake platter looked just as good. It had two large crab cakes, along with some pieces of lettuce and tomato on the side. He also had some tarter sauce for dipping. There wasn’t any bread, but I’m sure he could of asked for some if he wanted it. Both of our meals with served with hot, crinkle cut fries, with ketchup for dipping.

We quickly dove in to our meals, not saying much in the process. My cheeseburger was cooked very well, and had a juicy (but not soggy) finish to it. Everything on it was proportional, so every bite had all of the ingredients in it. I didn’t taste Victor’s crab cakes, but he told me it had the perfect amount of crab meat and seasoning. We both commented that the fries were a bit undercooked, but they weren’t bad enough to be sent back.

I had debated on whether to order some apple pie after my meal, but we were both stuffed after finishing everything. After a few more minutes, we both were ready to depart. This was definitely one of the better meals I have had recently, and I’m glad I got to share the experience with someone else.

For this assignment, I used my host character Edward Creeper, along with the Victor Barethean character of James Rives. It has been a bit challenging this week to find assignments that we could incorporate two characters in, so I was glad to find this assignment. It was also interesting to think about the kind of food that you eat in these situations, and to describe it in great detail.


3 comments on “Lunch with Victor Barethean

  1. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    It sounds like you all had a great lunch date!

  2. Brittany Raze

    I love how in depth you went into describing the food. It was very hard incorporating two characters into assignments but it works well here. Good work and thanks for making me hungry.

  3. James Rives

    “It was a great lunch indeed, my friend.” — Something Victor’d probably say after reading this post, haha. I enjoyed this.

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