Assignment (2 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find four songs that we could include in a mashup. The clips that we used could only be 2-3 seconds long. To incorporate my host character Edward Creeper, I chose his four favorite halloween songs that he plays year round. let me know if you can guess any in the comments!

To complete this assignment, I first found the four songs I wanted to use on YouTube, and used a YouTube converter to download them into iMovie. I then found the sections that I wanted to use in my mash up, and edited them appropriately. After that was finished, I saved the mashup as an audio-only file, and uploaded it to Soundcloud.

One comment on “Halloween Songs Mashup

  1. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    I completed an assignment similar to this a few weeks back using Halloween noises as well. You had a great idea of adding your host character into this assignment!

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