Assignment (3 stars)

The follow short video showcases the scenery of Australia, which is somewhere Edward Creeper has always wanted to go.


To complete this assignment, I first found several images of Australia on Google, and downloaded them into iMovie. I then found the song ‘Down Under’ by Men at Work on YouTube, and used a Youtube converter to download it into iMovie as well. Finally, I found a video of different Australian landmarks to useĀ in the middle of my own video. After all of these pieces were in iMovie, I edited them together and overlaid the music on top, before saving the project and beginning the slow process of uploading it to WordPress.


2 comments on “Edward Wishes he was in Australia

  1. Brittany Raze

    I love the photos you used and the videos in the middle were really cool. I also enjoyed the song choice. Good work.

  2. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    This video is great! Australia looks beautiful I can totally see why Edward would want to visit!

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