Greetings fellow students, my name is Edward Creeper. Today, I have been tasked with finding the very best works from all semester long in DS106. There have been so many good projects created thus far, so this was not an easy decision. But, take a look below for my choices, and as always, keep it creepy!

This first piece on my showcase is this post, from I thought that this was a very creative way to go about completing the ‘love at first shot’ assignment. Not only is there a backstory to the photo, but there was also great detail used to show us how the picture was found and assignment was completed. And, I do believe that the birds are in love as well!

Next up is this post, from This was back when all of the very creative radio shows were happening. I chose this post, because it is obvious that there was a lot of effort put into creating the radio show promos, and I think they look very cool. The promos were a great way to get the word out about their show, and create a bit of competition for the Edward Creeper Show!

The third piece on my showcase is this post, from This post ended up on my showcase, because it was a very clever way to go about showing off their host character, and the video that was made was very funny and creative. Besides the video itself, there was a lot of information about how they went about completing the assignment and creating the video. This may have been my favorite submission that I have seen all year.

The next piece on my showcase is this post, from This was a video assignment, and required two movies having their scenes mashed together. I chose this post, because the transitions were very well done, and the two movies together created some very funny moments.

The final piece on my showcase is this post, from This post was from way back in week 2 of DS106. This piece ended up on my showcase, because it was a very creative assignment which allowed us to hear what a phone call between the author and herself would sound like.  This was very well done, and was even more impressive as the class was still very young at that point.

So, there you have it. The best of the best from all 15 weeks of DS106. I do hope that you will all stick around and take a look at the final project that is being created to help you all become more acquainted with me.

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