For this assignment, we had to take pictures of things throughout the week that illustrated different design concepts. I chose to focus on color, minimalism and use of space, form/function/message, and rhythm. After I took the pictures that I wanted to use for each of these concepts, I uploaded them to Flickr, before moving them over to WordPress.

The first photo that is shown below, illustrates the concept of color. I found this design on top of one of the trash cans around campus, and the bright colors easily caught my eye. A design like this helps make an otherwise boring and mundane object, exciting and noticeable.

IMG_3102This next image (badly) represents minimalism and use of space. I found this poster on one of the bulletin boards in the annex on campus. It is a bit blurry, as I had to stand pretty far back just to try to include everything in one picture. I thought that this showed a badly orchestrated use of space, as there is writing and pictures on almost every section of the board. Because of this, there is no where for your eyes to naturally go, as all of it is too overwhelming. Something like this makes the actual information displayed much less effective.

IMG_3103The next image represents the design concept of form/function/message. This is a recycling sign that is set up in the kitchen of my dorm. I think that it is a good example of form/function/message, because the way it is designed makes the message of all-in-one come across more clearly than if it was displayed in a manner such as in the previous example.

IMG_3104This last image is what I thought described the design concept of rhythm (or proportion), as my shirt’s design pattern is the same throughout the whole thing. The same rhythm in a design pattern makes a shirt like this an attractive buy for most people.



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