For this assignment, I had to change the color hue of a picture. For this remix, I had to make the assignment more pink somehow.

Here is my original assignment:

and here is the remixed photo (slightly different angle):

To complete this assignment, I searched through the different assignments to find one I wanted to remix. I found this one, and chose ‘remix it’ and ended up with the ‘Pretty in Pink’ remix. I happened to notice that I had already done the original assignment as well. So, I downloaded a picture of the Empire State Building from Google, and opened it in my editing software (Fotor) on my Macbook. I changed the hue so that it was pink, and saved the picture. I then uploaded it to WordPress.

2 comments on “Color Changer [Remixed in Pink]

  1. Alexis Zirpmoulis

    Great job on this assignment! I like how you added the old photo so we could see a before and after photo.

  2. Mike

    The green actually reminds me a lot of the filter they used for the matrix. This looks like it could be a scene from the movie.

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