Final Project

All About Edward

This is my final project for DS106. I have used various types of media, and both old and new assignments to give everyone a better idea of who Edward is. Everything should be read/played in order from top to bottom. My discussion as to how everything was created will be in my week 15 summary. I hope you all enjoy!

Edward Creeper was born on the 13th of October, in 1978 (Friday the 13th, if anyone is wondering). Edward grew up in backwoods of Kentucky with a very interesting set of parents. Mr. Freddy Creeper and Mrs. Samara Creeper were what you would call “hermits”. Never venturing off their property except for when food or suppliers were needed, they both spent most of their time outdoors working on whatever they could find that needed attention. Edward didn’t get out much either, and spent most of his childhood wondering what really was out there beyond the gates. Mrs. Creeper tried the best she could to give Edward an education, but she wasn’t much of a teacher herself. By the time Edward was a teenager, he knew how to read and write, but that was about it. However, Edward knew that he did not want to spend the rest of his life being like his parents. So, he set out in his mind that he would make a change one day very soon.  That day was April 19th, 1997.

Edward had went to the nearest town with Mr. Creeper a few days prior to buy some groceries. While Mr. Creeper was browsing one of the aisles, Edward met a man named Wright Arden. Mr. Arden introduced himself as the owner of the local radio station a few towns over. A radio was one of the only working electronics in the Creeper household, so Edward knew who the man was before he even introduced himself. Edward had had a revelation not too long ago that he wanted to work for a radio station that would allow him to meet and greet guests, something that his hermit lifestyle up to that point had not allowed him to do. Edward did what anyone would do in that situation, and asked Mr. Arden for a job. Of course, at that time, Edward was uneducated and had never held a job in his life, so there weren’t too many reasons to trust him with any type of job. However, Mr. Arden told him to stop by the station one day, and they would figure something out. Edward knew at that point in time that his life was finally going to turn around.


Fast forward 15 years, and Edward moved from an intern, to nighttime DJ, to daytime talk show host, to having his own show. The Edward Creeper Show allowed Edward to meet more people every day than he thought even existed as a child. He also learned to love the horror genre, and developed his whole show around it. Edward still lives in his old childhood home, although both his parents are long gone. He enjoys the solitude and peace while he is there, but he is always ready to go back to the place he loves.

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Welcome to the show Samara, I’m glad you could join us today. For those that don’t know, Samara is my mother, and she is here today to give some insight into her life, and my own upbringing.


Thanks Edward, I’m glad to be here.


Shortly after graduating high school, I met the man I would later know as my husband, Mr. Freddy Creeper. It was love at first sight, or at least so I thought. Freddy and I moved into the house owned by his late father. It was quite peaceful, with no one around for miles except the occasional bird or deer. I had planned to pursue a further education, but Freddy convinced me that having a child was of the utmost importance. So, about a year later, Edward was born. At first, he was obviously a handful, and you had to keep your eye on him at all times. Once he was a couple of years old, however, I figured that I would look into going back to school. Freddy was completely against this idea, though, just as he was before. He was adamant that I was to stay home with him and our child. So, I basically fell into the same routine day after day, continuing for many years. I was afraid that our child would fall into the same hermit lifestyle, and would never have a future ahead of him.


After Edward had been working at the radio station for several years, I took a leap in my own life, and enrolled at the local community college. I was well past the age of most students, but that was of my least concern. Freddy had not been doing well lately, and I knew there wasn’t much time left for him. He still didn’t want me to leave, but he couldn’t physically stop me like he had done before. Freddy passed away not too long after that, after some pretty intense suffering. I have had some problems with my own health too, and I’m not sure how much longer I will be here on Earth. I just wanted to tell Edward that I am proud of him, and I am so glad that he took a risk in his life, and was able to see what life is really all about. I also wanted to tell him that I finally got my degree this week, after three long years of working at it. I am so glad that I was finally able to follow my dreams, and that Edward has found such a great home here at the Edward Creeper Show.