Best Work

Weekly Showcase for Week 8

Greetings fellow students of ds106,

My name is Edward Creeper, and I am the host of the Edward Creeper Show. You will hear much more from me when you tune into ds106 radio this week. Until then, I have been selected this week to give a summary of some of the best works from other students. Last week was all about the radio show, so this showcase will be focusing primarily on that. Let’s begin.

The first piece on my showcase is this post, from I have chosen this post, because of the level of work shown, and the detail provided. Not only have they shown what their final product sounds like, but they also broke it down into different pieces, and explained the work and process that went into each of them. Their ‘horrible host’ theme is also of interest to me, as I am a host myself. I certainly hope that I would not be featured on their radio show, however.

Next up is this post, from I may be a bit biased, as this person was on the team that helped produce the Edward Creeper Show, but I like that this post goes into detail about the progress and struggles that were encountered along the way. It also goes to show that a lot of work goes into the production of these radio shows, including the Edward Creeper Show.

The third piece on my showcase is this post, from I chose this post, because there is a lot of detail provided on how their radio show came together from beginning to end. They also explained how they went about creating segments for their show, and any challenges they ran into. And, they have their own twitter account and poster to advertise their radio show, which is something that I think is very smart.

The next piece on my showcase is this post, from The post nicely summarizes all of the work that was required during week 8. It is also well organized and is easy to follow, instead of having everything in your face all at once. Their radio show idea is similar to what you will hear on the Edward Creeper Show, so it will be interesting to see if there is any overlap.

The final piece on my showcase is this post, from I chose this post, mainly because of the design work that helps advertise their Smooth and Spooky Variety Hour radio show. This post also goes into some detail about how their radio show was made, and what kind of work went into it.

So, there you have it. The best of the best from week 8. I hope you enjoyed this showcase, and I certainly do hope that you will tune in to the Edward Creeper Show this week on ds106 radio.