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Edward’s Past

Assignment (3 stars)

This was one of my original assignments, and is one of the assignments that I plan to incorporate into my final project. For this assignment, I had to provide a more detailed look at my character’s past.

Edward Creeper was born on the 13th of October, in 1978 (Friday the 13th, if anyone is wondering). Edward grew up in backwoods of Kentucky with a very interesting set of parents. Mr. Freddy Creeper and Mrs. Samara Creeper were what you would call “hermits”. Never venturing off their property except for when food or suppliers were needed, they both spent most of their time outdoors working on whatever they could find that needed attention. Edward didn’t get out much either, and spent most of his childhood wondering what really was out there beyond the gates. Mrs. Creeper tried the best she could to give Edward an education, but she wasn’t much of a teacher herself. By the time Edward was a teenager, he knew how to read and write, but that was about it. However, Edward knew that he did not want to spend the rest of his life being like his parents. So, he set out in his mind that he would make a change one day very soon.  That day was April 19th, 1997.

Edward had went to the nearest town with Mr. Creeper a few days prior to buy some groceries. While Mr. Creeper was browsing one of the aisles, Edward met a man named Wright Arden. Mr. Arden introduced himself as the owner of the local radio station a few towns over. A radio was one of the only working electronics in the Creeper household, so Edward knew who the man was before he even introduced himself. Edward had had a revelation not too long ago that he wanted to work for a radio station that would allow him to meet and greet guests, something that his hermit lifestyle up to that point had not allowed him to do. Edward did what anyone would do in that situation, and asked Mr. Arden for a job. Of course, at that time, Edward was uneducated and had never held a job in his life, so there weren’t too many reasons to trust him with any type of job. However, Mr. Arden told him to stop by the station one day, and they would figure something out. Edward knew at that point in time that his life was finally going to turn around.

Fast forward 15 years, and Edward moved from an intern, to nighttime DJ, to daytime talk show host, to having his own show. The Edward Creeper Show allowed Edward to meet more people every day than he thought even existed as a child. He also learned to love the horror genre, and developed his whole show around it. Edward still lives in his old childhood home, although both his parents are long gone. He enjoys the solitude and peace while he is there, but he is always ready to go back to the place he loves.

DS106 Showcase

Greetings fellow students, my name is Edward Creeper. Today, I have been tasked with finding the very best works from all semester long in DS106. There have been so many good projects created thus far, so this was not an easy decision. But, take a look below for my choices, and as always, keep it creepy!

This first piece on my showcase is this post, from I thought that this was a very creative way to go about completing the ‘love at first shot’ assignment. Not only is there a backstory to the photo, but there was also great detail used to show us how the picture was found and assignment was completed. And, I do believe that the birds are in love as well!

Next up is this post, from This was back when all of the very creative radio shows were happening. I chose this post, because it is obvious that there was a lot of effort put into creating the radio show promos, and I think they look very cool. The promos were a great way to get the word out about their show, and create a bit of competition for the Edward Creeper Show!

The third piece on my showcase is this post, from This post ended up on my showcase, because it was a very clever way to go about showing off their host character, and the video that was made was very funny and creative. Besides the video itself, there was a lot of information about how they went about completing the assignment and creating the video. This may have been my favorite submission that I have seen all year.

The next piece on my showcase is this post, from This was a video assignment, and required two movies having their scenes mashed together. I chose this post, because the transitions were very well done, and the two movies together created some very funny moments.

The final piece on my showcase is this post, from This post was from way back in week 2 of DS106. This piece ended up on my showcase, because it was a very creative assignment which allowed us to hear what a phone call between the author and herself would sound like.  This was very well done, and was even more impressive as the class was still very young at that point.

So, there you have it. The best of the best from all 15 weeks of DS106. I do hope that you will all stick around and take a look at the final project that is being created to help you all become more acquainted with me.

Sports Team Pump-Up Tutorial


This assignment asks you to choose your favorite sports team, and then make a video montage of that team. As of writing, this assignment is worth 4 1/2 stars and is an easy and fun assignment, so I highly recommend it!

To get started, you will first need to pick a favorite sports team. When I completed this assignment, I chose the Washington Redskins. Once you’ve picked your team, you will need to go about looking for highlights of that team. I found all of my clips on YouTube, and used a Converter to download the clips onto my computer. If you have a Windows computer, your best bet will be to use Windows Movie Maker. Both of these programs are pretty similar, but for this tutorial, I will be walking you through iMovie.

When you first open iMovie, you will need to click on the ‘file’ tab, and then ‘import media’, where you will be faced with a screen like this:

Once you find the clips that you downloaded from YouTube, click ‘import all’, and this will add them into iMovie. From there, you will need to go about adding each clip into your movie. Each of your clips will be under the ‘my media’ tab, and you just need to choose which sections of the clips you want to use. In the example below, I wanted to use this 10 second clip in my movie, so I highlighted it, and hit ‘add the selection to movie’.

The movie clip will then be added into your movie. Repeat this process until your movie is complete. The ‘transitions’ tab will allow you to add something in between each separate clip. I usually use either ‘cross blur’ or ‘cross dissolve’, as neither are overwhelming, yet they add something interesting to the movie.

This assignment asks that you add music as well. To do that, you can either use music that is already on your computer, or use the same Converter mentioned earlier to download music from YouTube. Once the music is on your computer, you will go about the same process as before by hitting ‘add media’. This will add the song into your iMovie. You will then need to drag the audio file into your movie, and below your clips. In the example above, the music that I used is displayed by the green lines at the bottom. If your music runs too long, simply highlight the part that you want to cut out, and hit the ‘delete’ button on your keyboard. Clicking on the green lines themselves will allow you to alter the volume of the music.

Finally, I would recommend that you add a title screen to your movie. You will need to click the ‘titles’ tab in iMovie, where you will see something like this:

I usually use the standard title, which will allow you to add a few words before the start of your movie. After all of this is completed, you will need to save the movie so that you can begin the process of uploading it. On the upper right hand corner, there is a button that you will need to click that allows you to share the movie.

In the screenshot above, click ‘file’ and that will begin the process of converting and saving your movie to your desktop. Finally, you will need to upload the movie to some sort of hosting site. I have used both YouTube, and uploading it to WordPress directly. Either way, make sure you give your movie a title and short description. Depending on how long your movie is, it may take several minutes for it to upload and render. After the movie has been uploaded, make sure you embed it in your blog post, and don’t forget to explain how you went about the process of creating it.

Good luck!

Bucket List Tutorial


This assignment asks you to put together a bucket list collage with at least four different pictures. It is worth 3 1/2 stars (as of time of writing) and is an easy and fun assignment, so I would definitely recommend this one.

To get you started, you will first need to think of at least four different items that are on your bucket list, that you could easily convey with a picture. When I completed this assignment, I talked about skydiving, playing tennis with a pro, going to Australia, and driving a supercar. Once you’ve figured out which items you want to include on your list, it’s time to find the pictures that correlate with your ideas. For my assignment, I went on Google and was easily able to find pictures for each, so this will most likely work for you as well. If you have your own pictures to use instead, even better! Either way, make sure you download the pictures to your desktop so that they will be saved (right click on the picture and ‘save to desktop’).

Next up, is the collage portion of the assignment. I highly recommend you use as your collage maker. You’ll start with a layout like this:


Each of the nine boxes correlates with a picture. However, you most likely won’t be upload nine different pictures. So, if you wanted to only use four pictures, then you would click on ‘templates’ on the left side of the screen, and scroll down to ‘grid.’

Then, choose which template you want to use. The third row from the top, and on the right is the template that I used to show four different pictures. After you pick your template, each square that you click on will show the option to ‘add photo’.

Simply click ‘add photo’, where it will prompt you to upload an image from your desktop. So, you will just need to find the photos that you saved earlier, and then upload them to the collage. If you don’t like one of the images, or you put it in the wrong order, the ‘trashcan’ icon will delete the picture for you. Once you have all of the images that you want, click on the ‘save’ button on the top of the page, and click ‘computer’ in the drop down menu. This will save the collage to your desktop.

After the collage has been saved, you will just need to upload it to an image hosting service. The assignment calls for it to be uploaded to Flikr, so that is an option. Instead, I just uploaded the image directly to WordPress. However, don’t forget that you need to write something about each image, and why it is on your bucket list AND explain how you went about the process of creating your collage.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Edward’s Story (Week 13)

After browsing through some ideas from others for our final project, I really liked the thought of being able to tell more of the story behind my character, Edward Creeper. I hope to add background on Edward’s childhood, how he became a radio host, and what makes him the way he is now. I will be using several different types of media for this project, and am definitely planning on using video, audio, writing and photography as a start. I’ll be using some of the assignments already completed for this course, along with ones I have not attempted yet. If there is anything you guys would like to know specifically about Edward Creeper, feel free to leave me a comment and I can try to work it into the story. I am very much looking forward to seeing what I can come up with, and seeing all of the other DS106 projects!

Week 12 Summary

This week in DS106 we focused on mashups and remixes. This was probably the most enjoyable week I’ve had so far, as I had a lot of fun creating all of the assignments.

I completed 10.5 stars of mashup assignments, including J.D. Scrubs Mashup, the Contest Nobody Could Win, This Doesn’t Belong Here, and a Halloween Songs Mashup.

I also did 2 remix assignments this week, Bucket List and Color Changer.

Finally, I completed two daily creates, which I added in this post, and I commented on 10 different posts from DS106, posted here.

All in all, a fun and less stressful week than usual!

Week 12 Comments

Color Changer [Remixed in Pink]

For this assignment, I had to change the color hue of a picture. For this remix, I had to make the assignment more pink somehow.

Here is my original assignment:

and here is the remixed photo (slightly different angle):

To complete this assignment, I searched through the different assignments to find one I wanted to remix. I found this one, and chose ‘remix it’ and ended up with the ‘Pretty in Pink’ remix. I happened to notice that I had already done the original assignment as well. So, I downloaded a picture of the Empire State Building from Google, and opened it in my editing software (Fotor) on my Macbook. I changed the hue so that it was pink, and saved the picture. I then uploaded it to WordPress.

Bucket List [Remixed]

For this assignment, I had to create a collage of four different things that I have on my bucket list. For this remix, I had to add Waldo somewhere in the image.

Here is my original assignment:

and here is the remixed photo:

To complete this assignment, I looked through my old posts to see which one I wanted to remix. I found the assignment above, and chose ‘remix it’ and the ‘Where’s Waldo’ remix came up first. I downloaded my original photo into photoshop, and downloaded a cutout of Waldo from Google. I then added Waldo into one of the pictures, and saved the image. I then uploaded the image to WordPress. This was a fun assignment, as I was able to look back at my old work, and remix something of my own.

Halloween Songs Mashup

Assignment (2 stars)

For this assignment, we had to find four songs that we could include in a mashup. The clips that we used could only be 2-3 seconds long. To incorporate my host character Edward Creeper, I chose his four favorite halloween songs that he plays year round. let me know if you can guess any in the comments!

To complete this assignment, I first found the four songs I wanted to use on YouTube, and used a YouTube converter to download them into iMovie. I then found the sections that I wanted to use in my mash up, and edited them appropriately. After that was finished, I saved the mashup as an audio-only file, and uploaded it to Soundcloud.